Professional Bartending Schools of America and it's staff have been featured on local and national television shows. Most of the news articles have focused on how we train people of all ages and backgrounds for a new career in the fun and rewarding career of bartending.
We have posted news article about our schools below. Watch the news article from CNN, ABC, CBS and Fox TV.
It's bottoms up as the economy goes down. It seems that as the economy declines, the more people drink. Across the country, the enrollment in bartending schools is up. Despite the economy, bartenders can make up to $500 a shift.
Despite the recession, bars are still packed! Many are seeking a bartending education in order to stay afloat amidst a shrinking economy. Classes at the Cleveland bartending school are growing and job openings are ever abundant.
In these tough times, people are out of work, therefore enrollment in training courses is way up. Because people tend to drink more during tougher times, many are banking on the resilience of the bar service industry. Most have made their education investment back in a week or two in the field.
Bartending becomes a more attractive career option in tougher times. With a job placement rating of over 90% and the fact that people continue to drink through hard times, a 40 hour mixology program seems like a logical choice for many people out of work.

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