PBSA Laminated Cocktail Recipe List - Only $12.50

PBSA Laminated Cocktail Recipe GuideThe Professional Bartending Schools Laminated Recipe Guide is now available to the public. You may purchase any quantity at the list price of $12.50 each. There is no shipping charge added. Sales tax must be charged to any lists sent to an Ohio address. We will receive your order immediately and your laminated drink list will be shipped by USPS regular mail the next business day.

This is the same list many of our bartending schools give to every student as a part of their supply package. These are the same recipes we teach to over 7,000 bartenders each year.The list is professionally laminated with 5 mil ultra-clear lamination. It is waterproof and tear-proof! Professional Bartending Schools of America teaches our students to mix over 125 traditional and trendy drinks from memory using these very same recipes.

All of our recipes are formulated to professional pouring measurements and glassware. Recipe books you can buy at the bookstore or on the internet are usually compilations of drink recipes from many different sources.

If you spend time analyzing these recipe books purchased as a mall bookstore, you will find tall drinks with recipe amounts of 4, 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2 and 6 ounces. Yet, all of these drinks are served in the same glass which typically holds 5 ounces when filled with ice.

A professional bartender cannot make drinks using these inconsistent recipes.The bar owner or manager controls how much alcohol their bar will pour in each drink, regardless of what a bookstore manual says. Our drink recipes are all formulated with this consistent, easy-to-learn method. PBSA believes in teaching a responsible pour consistent with the major responsible service programs such as ServSafe, TIPS and TAM.

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