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We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions or need help with our program, please call us toll free at 1 877-541-3555.
Q: What version of Windows do I need to use your program?
Our Cocktail Challenge will run on most any windows computer using Windows Home, ME, XP, Vista or 7 computers. Our program runs in your browser and needs very little processing power.
Q: Will your Cocktail Challenge run on my Mac?
Yes! We love Macs and work on them ourselves. Just about any Mac with OS10 and an updated browser will play our program just fine. Safari and Firefox are supported.
Q: Do I have to download any software onto my computer?
No! Our Cocktail Challenge program runs in your internet browser and is entirely on our fast, modern servers.
Q: What browser should I run your program in?
Our program runs best in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. If you do not have the latest version of these browsers, you can download them at the links at the bottom of the page.
Q: Can I use my login information on more than one computer?
Yes! As a licensed user of our program, you may login and use the program from any internet enabled computer. You may NOT give our your username and password to friends, as this WILL cause the login information to be disabled.
Q: Once I have purchased your fine program, how long will I have access to it?
Once you purchase a username and password to our program, you will have access to the Cocktail Challenge for 12 months. At that time your access will expire. You will be able to renew your access at the that time at $5.00 per year. You should recieve an email from us 30 days prior to your expiration date.
Q: How often do you update the drink recipes?
We update our recipes as we update them in our bartending school curriculum. We are constantly improving the program and adding information as it is a major study tool for our bartending students.
Q: How many drink recipes does the Cocktail Challenge cover?
We currently have approximately 125 cocktails in the program These are the same popular cocktail recipes that our bartending students must memorize as a part of the PBSA™ bartending course.
Q: Do you have any videos as a part of your program?
Yes! We currently have 7 instructional videos, each showing the step-by-step method to make a particular family of drinks. We will add more videos soon!

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